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Weightlifting; Jerk Block. Categories. Featured products · Strength · Racks & Rigs · Bars & Plates · Bells & Balls · Strength Equipment · Weightlifting · Jerk. DC Blocks are stackable, compact lifting blocks built from a virtually indestructible blend of recycled plastics. Get yours today at Rogue! Weightlifting. Barbells. Men's 20KG Barbells; Women's 15KG Bars; Technique Bars Jerk Blocks & Platforms. View as Grid List. 4 Items. Sort By. Position. Bonded-foam pulling blocks for weightlifting absorb impact better than steel Removable, 3"W x 3"H edge attaches to blocks and prevents weights from rolling. Doing pulls, high pulls, or shrugs off the blocks is also very beneficial and actually safer than doing the full lifts—this, too, would be a good way to learn.

Initially designed for Olympic Cleans, Snatches, and partial Deadlifts pulling blocks are great for practicing and perfecting your Olympic lifting form at. With a starting height of nearly 3ft, steel jerk blocks can't be used as pulling blocks (for deadlift-style block pulls or cleans). For a 6ft athlete, that puts. lifting technique throughout different heights of your lift - Stoppers prevent weights from rolling off the stands - Built-in handle slots for easy moving. The DC Block "Flat Top" is intended to be the top section of a stack of DC Blocks, for increased comfort with box squats during weightlifting. Weightlifting Singlet - Powerlifting Singlet / Competition - Custom singlets. Blocks. Sale Price:$ Original Price:$ or 4 interest-free payments of. Good for lifting from the knees and plyometrics up to 24". Price: $ The new design of DC Blocks relies on a crenelated bumper to allow for greater lateral wall strength on the ends while continuing to provide DC Blocks with. Weightlifting chalk is used to keep the hands dry, reduces the amount of friction on the bar, and allows for a better grip on the bar. Wooden Jerk Blocks. € Weightlifting Platform. €1, Adjustable Jerk Blocks. €2, Weightlifting Plates (Competition) ·. The ZKC Weightlifting Jerk Blocks are built exclusively for the Olympic Games, their height are optimal for all trainers. To improve your jerk. CHEAPER ALTERNATIVE to Deadlift Platforms. Blocks designed for Deadlifting and other Exercises.

Newfield Gym Equipment Adjustable Weightlifting Blocks in Pairs Fitness Weightlifting Platform Wooden Adjustable Non-Slip Plyometric Jerk Box Jumping. They're designed to stack neatly on top of each other, taking up less than 2′ x 2′ in your Lifting Paradise. They're also lightweight at 16 pounds each, so you. The SMAI Jerk Blocks are primarily used for weightlifting but have a variety of other purposes. These include plyometrics, dead-lifting, steps. Jan 25, - Add versatility to your strength training program. Jerk Blocks are ideal for allowing you to put all your focus on your jerk technique and. Not only will you improve weightlifting technique with these but you'll get a serious strength workout moving them around. As of today, I've built two sets of. Our full listing of snatch blocks includes hook, shackle and tail board from great brands like McKissick, Crosby and Lebus - only from The Crosby Group. BullrocK Weightlifting Jerk Block comes in 4 different sizes 15”, 12”, 6”, and and are crafted with precisely cut chamfered insets making them. Initially designed for Olympic Cleans, Snatches, and partial Deadlifts pulling blocks are great for practicing and perfecting your Olympic lifting form at. The DC Blocks® are an interlocking, lightweight and virtually indestructible weightlifting jerk block for training and medical facilities. Buy Now!

The Sika Strength Weightlifting Blocks will enhance the performance of all Weightlifters, from the Elite International Athletes who train under us down to. Engineered from the ground up to be the best Jerk & Pull Blocks that you can use in your weightlifting or fitness facility. Again Faster Jerk Blocks are. DC Blocks Original Model Weightlifting Blockson Bodybuilding Equipment - Cross Training - Fitness - Cardio. ProsourceFit Professional Grade Gym Chalk for Weightlifting; 1lb (8 Blocks) KORIMEFA Quick Locking Weight Lifting Belt, Premium Weightlifting Belt for. The DC Blocks™ design provides an interlocking, lightweight, and virtually indestructible weightlifting block for training and medical facilities.

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